Engineering & Manufacturing


Various chemicals are required in an engineering unit, be it chemicals for process or for utility, we have all. Further we offer them in convenient pack sizes. We also deal in additives for metal working fluids. They include Lube esters, Surfactants for degreasing and emulsification, Corrosion Inhibitors and Preservatives.

For heavy industries, we offer performance chemicals for explosive emulsions, dust control suppressants and comprehensive water treatment solutions.

Industrial Surfactants

Phosphate Esters

The main advantages of phosphate esters over many other surfactants are their alkali stability and solubility. They are excellent hydrotropes and are effective coupling agents, which gives outstanding wetting,emulsification and detergency.

PA 100

Phosphate Ester.High wetting action for acid based formulations

PPE 604

Phosphated phenol ethoxylate. Used in automatic dishwash, liquid laundry detergent formulations

PPE 604K

Neutralized Phosphated phenol ethoxylate


Imidazolines are used as emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers for both ' Oil in water ' and 'Water in Oil ' systems. Film forming and corrosion inhibition properties of Imidazolines make them suitable for a varied range of industrial applications.

Imidazoline 18 OH

Water soluble additive with corrosion / rust inhibition properties

Imidazoline 18 DA

Oil soluble additive with corrosion / rust inhibition

Water Treatment Chemicals