Engineering & Manufacturing


Various chemicals are required in an engineering unit, be it chemicals for process or for utility, we have all. Further we offer them in convenient pack sizes. We also deal in additives for metal working fluids. They include Lube esters, Surfactants for degreasing and emulsification, Corrosion Inhibitors and Preservatives.

For heavy industries, we offer performance chemicals for explosive emulsions, dust control suppressants and comprehensive water treatment solutions.

Performance Chemicals

Dust Supressants

We have a range of existing dust suppressant chemicals. Our dust control chemicals are based on new environmentally friendly polymers and surfactants making them both cost effective and safe

Dust Suppressants

Haul road dust control additives. Compared to conventional processes, formulated dust suppression solutions offer a set of distinct advantages and benefits, including easy application and long-life protection across varying climatic conditions

Water Treatment Chemicals