Insitutional Hygiene


We have a wide selection of products for institutional and industrial cleaning applications.

    Key application areas include

  • Clean in Place chemicals for Food and Beverage Processing plants
  • Open plant cleaning agents
  • Bottle Washing Additives
  • Conveyer track lubricants
  • Environment Sanitisers
  • Speciality cleaning chemicals for institutional use.

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Institutional Hygiene Chemicals

Clean in Place

Clean-in-place is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly. We offer Acid, alkaline cleaning cleaners with a variety of foam profiles suited to the application.

Open Plant Cleaning

In open plant cleaning the process machines (conveyor belts, cutting machines, grinders, etc.) and surface areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before a new production shift starts. Our open plant cleaning range removes organic soils or limescale from all work surfaces, floors and equipment

Bottle Wash Additives

Removes rust, mold and scale deposit formation. Prevents cloudiness formation in glass bottles.

Conveyer Track Lubricants

Specially developed lubricant formulations to provide lasting lubrication on slat conveyor

Environment Sanitizers

Comprehensive range of sanitisers to ensure proper plant hygiene

Speciality Cleaning Chemicals

We take the hassle out of hygiene with a huge range of chemical and biological cleaning products, made from sustainable, biodegradable source materials

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