Performance Chemicals


We offer a range of speciality performance chemicals. We committed to a continuous development of novel technologies and can offer technical expertise to support our customers throughout their product development to meet unique customer demands.

    Key application areas of our Performance chemicals are:

  • Biocides and Preservatives
  • Sequestration and Chelation additives
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Foam Control
  • Metal working additives
  • Dust Suppressants

Imidazoline 18 OH

Water soluble additive with corrosion / rust inhibition properties

Imidazoline 18 DA

Oil soluble additive with corrosion / rust inhibition

Polyisobutylene succinic anhydride ( PIBSA)

Based on polyisobutylene of 1000 m.w. Emulsifier and Intermediate in manufacturingof oil-soluble detergent / dispersant

Polyisobutylene succinic imide ( PIBSI)

Ashless Oil soluble detergent and dispersant

L 64

Emulsifier for mineral oils

Lube Esters

Lubricity Additives

Degreasing Surfactants

Amphoteric based additives for formulating heavy duty alkaline degreasers

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